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If enhancing the valuation of your Los Angeles property is on your mind, the best is to invest in a home improvement project. Room additions can prove to be a great way of accomplishing this. Not only will it ensure that the price of your home increases but will also make it comfortable for you to live in as well. Home additions projects require contractors that are both professional and have years of experience of home additions behind their backs. We, at Bibi Construction, are uniquely qualified in this regard. We possess the expertise, the knowledge and the tools that are needed for making you room addition project a success. Get in touch with us now to get the construction of the additional room underway.

Homes don’t grow in the same vain as families do. While new additions to the family will be made from time to time, you will have to take a decision regarding either purchasing a new home or making additions to it in order to accommodate your growing family. Since buying a new home isn’t a financially viable solution, room additions are a much better option for you that can ensure that your home becomes easier to live in for your family members. They won’t have to cramp together in a tight space anymore and will have plenty of room for themselves.

Room additions are considered the best investment in a home construction. Whether it is for increasing the space in your home or to add a family room or a guest room, there can be a number of reasons why you want an extra room to be added to your residential construction. Having this additional room can fulfill your need and ensure that you don’t have to move to a bigger home.

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Room additions can include bedrooms, bathrooms, spa, kitchens, kid’s Playroom rooms, family rooms, garages, decks, home offices, in-law or parent suites, you name it…

Do you want to have a new master bedroom or bathroom in your home? Does your home seem overcrowded to you? How does adding a new floor to the home sound? Does kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling sound a good idea to you?

Not many people realize this but home additions aren’t that costly, provided you employ a contractor that has prior experience of making room additions and can complete the addition project in a timely and safe manner.


Why Consider Adding a Room to Your Home?

Room additions are most commonly needed because of a new addition being made to the family. However, there might other reasons for it too. For instance, addition of a home office can sometimes become the basis for a room addition too. Moreover, bathroom addition might also be one of the reasons why the addition of a new room becomes inevitable for a homeowner. We can help you out in this regard irrespective of the reason why you want an additional room built in your home. You can expect us to provide top-notch room addition services to you.

We are uniquely qualified to take up room addition projects of any kind. Whether it is a second floor you want added to your home or just an extra bathroom or kitchen, we can have it built in a matter of days. It is best for you to stick with a single professional contractor for room addition projects instead of hiring different ones for completing different tasks.

Bibi Construction Inc - ROOM ADDITIONS -

Disability Room Additions

One of the top priorities of homeowners is to ensure that their home remains welcoming to all comers. Addition of a disability room to house a family member who has contracted an illness or a disability might seem a good idea then. We can help you in getting this disability room added to your home.

First Story Room Additions

Are you thinking about adding a new room to your home’s first floor? The the most popular types of room addition is bedroom additions. When you have more bathrooms, Life is easier!It is also one of the best ways to increase your home’s value with a relatively low construction cost. Our team can help you in getting this project completed in record time.

Second Story Room Additions

Second story room additions are a little trickier than first floor room additions. They require some extra planning and expertise, which we possess. Second stories are a wonderful way to add additional space to your home. They are perfect for creating a dreamy master suite, a spacious home office, or Playroom for your Children.

There can be several other instances when an extra room might have to be added to your existing home construction. Contact Bibi Construction Inc. whenever you are in need of making new room additions to your home. We can get these construction projects done within your allocated budget!

Bibi Construction Inc - ROOM ADDITIONS -

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