Most homes nowadays have a garden or backyard present in them. There is enough room and space available for the homeowners in these backyards to have a well-manicured lawn. You can choose to landscape the area in and around your backyard Designers, renovations and transform it into a beautiful garden. Landscape, Patios and Decks California are going to definitely add tons of value to your home. For new construction home, you can have garden features like: patios built and new decks installed too.

We, at Bibi Construction Inc., have the experience for building and installing patios and decks for your residential construction in Los Angeles. No matter the type of construction your home has, our experienced technicians will make sure that your desired garden features are installed as per your liking. So, if you are in need of landscaping services or want to install the latest patios and decks in your Los Angeles new construction then choosing us is in your best interest.

Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance/ Turf / Saving Water

Bibi Construction Inc - LANDSCAPE, PATIO & DECKS -

Landscape design is something that we, at Bibi Construction Inc., excel at. We have been providing our services for landscape design in Los Angeles, Home Design Remodeling Los Angeles for over 10 years. If you choose us for landscaping your garden, we will first evaluate the condition of the available space for your yard. Our landscapers will see to it that the pruning and trimming of the trees is completed in a cost-effective method. They will also ensure that the garden of your home is drained of water in a proper manner, saving water in the process and keeping the water bill as well as the maintenance costs minimized.  

Installation of irrigation systems and water features like waterfalls and ponds is another of our services that we take great pride in. We even offer maintenance services for these water features as well so that they remain in excellent working order throughout the year. In addition to this, turf management and saving water are also some of the services that we specialize in. Our experts make sure that your landscapes and water features utilize water in the most economic way possible.


Decks are a garden feature that is added to a home to enhance its value and give it a great new look. There are various types of decks that you can install in the garden of your home. You have to be careful in deciding the material and the design of the new decks that you want to place in your garden, though. Make sure that they match the water features, landscapes and plants that you have already installed in your garden. At, Bibi Construction Inc., we can help you in getting new decks of your dreams installed in your home construction in Los Angeles.


Patios are an excellent design element that can be added to the outdoor Living near area of a home. They are paved areas that extend from the indoor to the outdoor portion of the home and are ideal for recreational uses. Patios too can be constructed using different building materials like stone, paver and concrete. You have to decide which one is suitable for your house. We, at Bibi Construction Inc., can help you in constructing the ideal patio for your home.

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Pool Decks, Sundecks, Patios, Porches, Balconies

If your home has a pool then investing in pool decks is a good option for you too. A pool deck can provide you the chance to sit in front of your pool and enjoy the view sipping a drink in hand. Similarly, sundecks are an innovative design feature that can add a great deal of style to your home. It can provide you the chance to have a direct view of the sun while remaining within the confines of your house. The design experts at Bibi Construction can get pool decks and sundecks constructed and installed in your home in a relatively short period of time without compromising on style.

That’s not it, we at, Bibi Construction are also quite adept at constructing porches, balconies and providing services for sidewalks repair for the people of Los Angeles too. So, give us a call and get an immediate quote if you want any type of landscape, patio or deck constructed or installed in your home.

Bibi Construction Inc - LANDSCAPE, PATIO & DECKS -
Bibi Construction Inc - LANDSCAPE, PATIO & DECKS -
Bibi Construction Inc - LANDSCAPE, PATIO & DECKS -