Windows & Door Replacement

Windows & Door Replacement

Energy savings of about 15% can be made by replacing your old-fashioned windows with new and improved energy-efficient versions. However, before you go about this task of window replacement, investing in an energy audit can prove to be quite beneficial. It can reveal air leaks that might need to be closed first.

Choosing the appropriate lighting fixtures can also help in making your home construction more energy efficient. For instance, installing windows that are energy efficient and investing in skylights can cut down your energy bills considerably and lower your energy costs by a great extent.

Windows and doors are responsible for leaking out around 70% of the energy being produced by your HVAC system. This is literally a waste of your money. You can put a stop to all that by having energy efficient windows installed in your home.

Windows offer you a view to the outside world. Bringing in ambient light and offering a nice view to the home while staving off the elements is what the windows are designed for. Doors, on the other hand, are tasked with the duty of protecting your family by locking out trespassers.

Windows and doors that are past their prime fail to perform their duties, though. Draft, which causes the home to become extra warm in summers and extra cold in winters, is usually caused because of leaks and gaps present in the old windows and doors. This draft is responsible for the high energy bills that you have to pay to your local utility companies.

Energy bills can be minimized by up to 20% if you invest in energy efficient models of windows and doors and have them properly installed in your homes. You will be amazed with how much money you would be saving this way.

Installing new windows and doors can deter criminals from breaking into your residential construction. Technological advances over the years have meant that there are windows and doors available in the market having anti-burglary and anti-theft properties. Installation of such windows and doors can greatly enhance the security of a home.

Windows & Door Replacement

Window Installation and Replacement

Windows are considered the eyes to a home. Not only do they allow air to enter the home but also give passage to light and heat as well. Moreover, windows play an important role from an aesthetic point of view as well. They give the home a great new look from the outside. Window installation is thus, an important decision that homeowners have to make when they are shifting into a new home. If the windows are not installed in the right manner then they will neither add value to the home nor will they be able to provide sufficient heat, light and fresh air.

At, Bibi Construction Inc., we have expert technicians available that can complete the task of installing windows in a cost-effective and timely manner. They can also advise you regarding the design of the windows as well so that you can get the most out of your windows. For instance, installing windows that are energy efficient can help you in trapping energy inside the home. This, in turn, would help you in lowering your energy bills.We recommend using Milgard windows to all our clients. If you are not entirely satisfied with the installed windows in your home then you can always replace them. Bibi Construction Inc. specializes in window replacement as well.

Door Installation and Replacement

Similar to windows, doors are a vital part of any home construction as well. They are required for giving you control over the entry point of your home. Doors also serve as a means of security against thieves as well. Thus, having a solid and sturdy door installed in your new home in Los Angeles is an important task. Aesthetics is also a crucial consideration as far as door installation is concerned. Installation of doors and windows is crucial from an aesthetic viewpoint as well since it can have a massive impact on the appearance of your home and can go a long way in increasing the valuation of your property. So, it is necessary that you make the choice of the doors for your home very carefully.

We recommend using Milgard doors to all our clients. You can rest assured that their advice will help you in getting the best doors for your home. If you are looking to change the doors of your home and want sturdier ones then again we can be of help to you. Our technicians are past masters of door replacement and can get this job done quite quickly too.

Bibi Construction Inc. has partnered with the best in the market – Milgard windows and doors, as it is one of the largest and trusted names in windows and doors in the U.S market. They offer a full lifetime warranty so you cannot go wrong choosing Milgard. Milgard promises that any blemishes found on materials or errors made in workmanship will be replaced and repaired by them. Moreover, they will pay the costs of all parts and labor too.

Sunroom Construction

Sunrooms can prove to be a great addition to any home. They provide the residents of a house the chance to enjoy the sunlight in an open space. Sunrooms are usually constructed outside the home in the backyard or garden as they receive the most sunlight. Sunroom construction is a specialized task that must be carried out by a professional contractor. At, Bibi Construction Inc., we have the requisite experience for constructing the best sunrooms. So, if you want a sunroom constructed in your garden then we are your best bet.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Bibi construction Inc offers General contractor services for many year and specialize in Energy efficient solutions. If energy efficiency is what you need in your new windows then the Private Label line of windows is your best available choice. These windows aren’t capable of just conserving energy but are aesthetically appealing and durable too. Boasting a ProSolar Low E glass, their properties include high strength and the top-rated energy efficient U-Value number you can find anywhere on the market.

The standout feature of our Private Label windows is the unique spacer bar present in between the glass’s two panes. We have given it the name of ‘White Terrain’.

Our offerings include:

  • Simple and elegant looking custom made vinyl windows that are energy efficient, secure and long-lasting.
  • High quality patio doors, capable of letting in ambient light while staving off the elements that offer the added benefit of energy efficiency.
  • Classy and stylish French and entry doors that make your home energy efficient as well.

Save Money & Energy With Our Energy Efficient Solutions!

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