General Contractor Services

Your home is your safe haven. It is the one place where you can relax and feel safe. Making your home look beautiful and comfortable to live in is everyone’s top priority.  In order to make sure that your home remains in tip top condition, you need to invest in some kind of maintenance and home remodeling. There are a number of things in a home that are in need of some kind of repair after being in use for a certain period of time. You need to contact a general contractor in such circumstances to get the repairs done in a timely and effective manner.

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BIBI Construction Inc. has been a part of the home remodeling industry for the past 10 years. We are an insured, licensed and a privately owned general contractor that offers general contractor services to people living in Los Angeles. However, our services are not limited to Los Angeles alone. People in surrounding areas can take advantage of our general contracting services too. Our services match the international standards and we can offer them to you at your doorstep.

We have a responsive and dedicated team of representatives that can be contacted at any time. Our helpful staff members are always ready to listen to your remodeling issues and help you out in making a decision regarding the general contracting services you need. Our testimonials and list of previous remodeling projects we have worked on are available at our website. They can help you in clearing your doubts about the quality of our general contracting services. We have always maintained a high-quality work ethic. Our use of quality raw materials and experienced technicians for finishing all of our projects has helped us in building a good reputation among the people of Los Angeles.

General Contractor Services

Our Design Experts are the Best in the Business

At Bibi Construction Inc., we understand the importance of a good design. Having been a part of the home remodeling industry for such a long time, we have assembled a team of design experts that know all about 3d design techniques. They use their expertise to suggest such designs for construction of new homes that are unique and fulfill all the requirements of a safe and sound design structure. We do all the paperwork on your behalf and get the permits necessary for starting the building process from the local authorities. This is the reason why we are capable of completing construction as well as remodeling projects much faster than our competitors.

So, if you are in need of general contracting services of any kind for your old or new home then we are just a phone call away.

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We Only Employ the Most Experienced and Versatile Contractors

We have versatile contractors working with us that are quite experienced in their respective fields. From designing landscape, patios & decks to providing services for window& door replacement, mold and asbestos removal, roofing, hardscape, pool repair, pool replaster, pool resurface, roof insulation and attic/wall insulation, our contractors can do it all. In addition to this, if you want construction of any kind like artificial turf, artificial grass, pavers, pools & spa build, new pool and even driveway & sidewalks constructions, you can rest assured that our versatile contractors can get them completed as per your wishes in a timely manner.

We are aware of the fact that sustainability and eco-friendliness are something that most homeowners are concerned about these days. This is why we try to use material that eco-friendly. For instance, when providing bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services, we make use of lighting fixtures that don’t consume much electricity, keeping your energy bills low. Moreover, we recommend using Exterior paint “cool life” to you too, which can help you in saving up on cooling costs and ultimately reduce your energy bills. Furthermore, cool wall and cool roof solutions by Tex Cote are also offered to you for your residential construction so that you can save up on your energy costs.

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