All home constructions are unique in their own way. The foundations laid out for each one are different from one another. Therefore, the design parameters and requirements of each home is usually not the same and needs something extra in order to perfect. Paint is one such construction parameter that has to be given due importance for a new home.

You have to ensure that you are using a paint that is capable of withstanding the harsh weather and climatic conditions that the exterior walls of the home are going to be subjected to. There aren’t many paints available on the market that fit the bill, though. Most of them that do claim to be effective, fail to live up to their promises. However, the energy efficient ‘Cool Life’ paint that is manufactured by Life Paint is one such product that can help owners in protecting their home’s exterior walls.

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Energy Efficient Cool Life Paint

Paints for newly constructed homes need to be energy efficient in nature and that is exactly what the ‘Cool Life’ paint from Life Paint is. It is made using an incredibly innovative heat reflective technology that has been engineered to endure years of exterior exposure, eliminate color fade and save energy by reducing heat absorption as much as 38F. We, at Bibi Construction, recommend the use of ‘Cool Life’ for homes located in Los Angeles. We are a certified dealer/distributor for Life Paint – Cool exterior paint for life. So, if you are in need of an energy efficient and protective paint solution for your home then ‘Cool Life’ is the right option for you.

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