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A kitchen is a special place that accumulates the traditions of your family. Create its appearance, bring your recognizable “tags,” mix them into iconic styles, and do not forget about functionality. Designers define the main direction in Home Remodeling Los Angeles as a combination of aesthetics and convenience. Popular kitchen styles:

Traditional Classic 

Kitchens in a classic style are traditionally made from solid wood, including valuable species. Paneled facades, an abundance of carved decor, and the use of pagination and brushing technology in the production of wooden elements characterize this style. Often kitchen sets are decorated with stained glass, gilding, inlay, and mosaics. Such kitchens look truly luxurious and respectable.

Country style

Kitchens in retro style firmly hold the most popular position among buyers. Such headsets look especially cozy in spacious rooms. This style is distinguished by the delicate pastel colors of furniture, the use of copper and brass decor and fittings, and curved lines of panels of wooden facades.


The neoclassical style is characterized by a symmetrical arrangement of elements, a pastel color palette without catchy accents, the use of natural stone for the manufacture of countertops, and a kitchen “apron.” Furniture in this style looks elegant and modern. Minimalist kitchens in 2023 are becoming as functional as possible. Behind the seeming simplicity of the facades lies the most energy-efficient and productive equipment that allows you to quickly perform various kitchen operations.


Minimalistic kitchens are distinguished by the lack of decor, the correct geometric lines of the facades, and the use of hidden fittings. Such furniture is produced in a range of natural shades; elements of several colors are often combined in one set.

Art deco 

Using art deco style in the kitchen allows you to create a luxurious, spectacular interior. This style concept appeared in the 20-30s of the last century, and in 2023 the art deco style became especially popular. This style is characterized by: contrast decor; colonial motives; glossy surfaces; expressive color palette; the use of exotic woods; the use of crystal, gilding, and silvering in decoration.


Fusion cuisine attracts with its lack of rules and a bold combination of various elements. This style uses combinations of bright colors, embossed textures, and original decor. Fans of industrial aesthetics appreciate the loft style.


The loft-style kitchen is concise and functional. This style is characterized by the use of materials with a pronounced texture and a restrained, muted palette of colors.

The comfort of being in the kitchen, ease of use of furniture and appliances, cleanliness, and order are relevant for any of the chosen styles, and which one it will be you choose!

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