When To Renovate Your Roof? Explore The Signs Of A Damaged Roof

Bibi Construction Inc - When To Renovate Your Roof? Explore The Signs Of A Damaged Roof -

Repairing a roof takes time and money. This renovation is important because the safety and comfort of the home depend on it.

Why renovate your roof?

The periodicity of roof renovation varies from one property to another, depending on the situation. Generally, it is necessary to replace the roof:

  • repair damage caused to the roof by bad weather
  • To promote thermal insulation ;
  • To win in aesthetics.

Even if none of these situations arise, it is essential to call a professional roofing contractor at some point. This connoisseur will check if the renovation of the roof must be done or if it can wait until the following year.

When to examine your roof?

The professional roofing contractor checks whether the renovation of the roof is necessary or not. This assessment should be carried out once a year in regions exposed to severe weather. In general, the services of this professional are mandatory:

  • once a year for roofs installed for more than 40 years;
  • One time every two years for those aged 20 and over;
  • Once every ten years for new constructions.

This approach is essential in order to preserve the quality of the roof and ensure its durability.

What are the signs of a damaged roof?

The renovation of the complete roof is not obligatory when two or three slates have fallen. However, it is necessary when:

  • Water leaks become numerous;
  • Lichen and mosses grow abundantly;
  • The metal hooks are oxidized;
  • The zinc cover is no longer very rough.

If one of these signs occurs, changing the roof is essential. For greater safety, the task should be entrusted to a professional Roofing Contractor Los Angeles. He can, at the same time, check if the frame is still resistant or if another renovation is necessary.

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